November 12, 2020


Humans are so involved with each other that they have to communicate for every small thing, from a grocery vendor to an airport ticket booth. In today’s situation, people prefer to communicate via texts, voice messages instead of regular phone calls or face to face conversations. The younger generation prefers this medium as they use...
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What is Text Summarization? There is an enormous amount of textual information present in this world , and it is only growing every single day . Think of the internet which  comprises news articles related to a wide range of topics webpages ,status updates, blogs and so much more. The data is unstructured and the...
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INTRODUCTION Healthcare systems are one of the most important systems in 2020 with Covid-19 cases increasing day by day are increasing load on the healthcare systems. Blockchain, one of the most wonderful technologies of the modern era, can provide an efficient, feasible and easy solution to many healthcare system problems we face today. Some of...
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