OpenAI GPT3- Good At Almost Everything!!

  OpenAI, an organization that focuses only to design artificial general intelligence devices or systems and build it intact for humans. No Terminator-like horrible imaginary place, no unbalanced machines that […]


Introduction: The Blockchain technology has been appreciated for its ability to ensure the validation of any transaction on the Blockchain network without the need to centralize the process, thereby, maintaining […]

NEON : The artificial human

NEON: The First Artificial Human Ever

NEON: An Artificial Human In this era, conversational ai is in full swing. Many successful businesses have invested in speech-based assistant and chatbots to automate communication and create personalized customer […]

Techtonics – Latest news in Technology

A computer predicts your thoughts, creating images based on them By monitoring brain function, computers can be made to imagine what a person is thinking of and present the results […]

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