Introduction to MongoDB

What is MongoDB? MongoDB is a NO SQL database which is highly scalable,flexible, memory efficient  and easy to use. Unlike relational databases, it does not use tables to store data. […]

Driverless cars

What are driverless cars? Driverless cars (also known as self-driving cars) are cars that never require human drivers to have control to run the vehicle safely. They combine sensors and software […]

Web Development Project Ideas

As web development keeps moving in the digital industry, the demand for Web Developers keeps cutting edge around the globe. Web development involves developing a one-page static plain text to […]

In the downturn of COVID-19, three startups are booming

When the coronavirus was declared as a global pandemic, nobody could have predicted the  magnitude of economic destruction it would cause. Restaurants, entertainment, sports, and brick and-mortar retail have all […]

AI lens to detect Fake News

Introduction  The world we live in today is completely data-driven. The data landscape has evolved  immensely, creating many new opportunities along with complexities. There are a plethora of  sources available […]

Omic Technologies

Omic’s Technologies: Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics Discover how data are measure from the corresponding field. Omics technology is adopted in a holistic view of molecules that make up an individual, […]

Image Steganography

INTRODUCTION Steganography is a method of hiding secret data into other common data by making it invisible to the viewer. It should not be confused with cryptography as it involves […]

Artificial Intelligence For Fake News Detection

Since the inception of social media, the problem of fake news has spread like wildfire. Fake news can affect politics, healthcare, the tech industry, and much more. If someone tells […]

Role Based Education And Advantages

It is expedient for anyone assigned to a role to be equipped with every necessary skill to achieve a quality result and maximum efficiency in the specific task. A medical […]