3D printing and Its Application

Scientists and engineers continually enthrall humanity with technologies changing what was once or recently considered science fiction into reality daily; thus, it’s making life stimulating and easier. Part of the […]

Future of E-learning

There has been a drastic change in learning patterns, having various options within the past few years. Physical presence in a learning room is no longer the only option in […]

Uses of Most popular Open source Python Libraries

Python Libraries are assembly related functionality of codes which allow them to perform many tasks without writing code from scratch each time. Python libraries are very useful in developing machine […]

Neural Style Transfer

What is Neural Style Transfer? Neural style transfer is an optimization technique that requires to take three images as its input, a content image, a method reference image (such as […]

Bioinformatics: Biology Meets Programming

Bioinformatics is a computational science field concerned with the collection, storage, analysis of sequences and dissemination of biological molecules, most often DNA, RNA, or Protein Molecules. Bioinformatics study biological information […]

What is Java

Java is a cross-platform, high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It is an object-oriented programming language similar to C++, but with simplified and advanced features. Bytecode of Java can […]

Decolonising Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence we accept to be worldwide is a long way from it. It is confined. Contained. Inside confined topographies and individuals. As the weight of control fabricates and the […]


Technology evolution every part of our life and livelihood expects it. Evolving technology in robotics affects our life as well; we reached a time where robot mechanics is well understood […]

Digital ecosystems

Digital ecosystems are a group of related IT resources that can function together as a unit. They consist of customers, suppliers, applications, third-party data providers, and the respective technologies. In […]