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June 2 - June 3
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CX Emotion presentations and panels cover customer (CX), digital (DX), and user (UX) experience strategy and practice and sentiment, social, behavior, and emotion technologies. We will discuss applications to consumer and market insights, the customer journey, media, and more with sessions focused on Foundations, Practices, and Technology.

This agenda is under development as we transition to an online conference. Speakers and timings are subject to updates.

Emotion is the key to great customer experience. Learn why and how from experts — from researchers, analysts, brand leaders, and data scientists — at CX Emotion, July 22, 2020 online.

Why attend? Because emotion drives brand choices, buying decisions, and customer loyalty. Understand emotion and you understand consumer behaviours. Apply emotional intelligence to boost satisfaction, unlock motivation, create advocates, and ensure profitability. CX Emotion speakers — and your fellow attendees — will teach you how you can create leading-edge empathic customer experience.

You will learn how to detect, measure, and quantify emotion at scale, and you’ll have an opportunity to share your own experiences and challenges. CX emotion will cover both fundamentals — best practices, benefits, and the business case — and sentiment analysis, emotion AI, and behavioural analysis technologies and applications. If you rely on human-data insights, CX Emotion is for you!


June 2
June 3


London, UK

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