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June 8 - June 9
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Join us online at EmTech Next

EmTech Next is MIT Technology Review’s 3-day virtual event examining technology, leadership, and change. In our real-time environment of unprovoked disruption, MIT Technology Review, in partnership with Harvard Business Review, is proud to offer you a thought-provoking and networking-rich forum to deal with the uncertainty of the day and prepare you to make the right decisions for your market, your strategy, your clients, and your workforce.

Through live Q&A and chatrooms, you’ll be able to interact directly with experts and attendees alike. Our program emphasizes dialogue over monologue, and our 3-day 4-hour format will allow you to focus on the topics of the day and still have time for necessities of life in our current era.

The only constant is CHANGE

EmTech Next will help you understand the impact of change, addressing topics such as:

  • How resilient leaders respond to change and how they prepare for the next unknown
  • The variety of opportunities that arise when 5G-connected devices instrument every aspect of our lives
  • The advancements in manufacturing productivity that AI will make possible
  • Upskilling your existing workforce to keep current with new technology
  • Keeping your business agile and focused through times of unprecedented innovation and change


June 8
June 9



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