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July 7
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The Emotion AI Conference, May 5, 2020, features a series of technology focused presentations and panels.

Our aim is to advance the state of play for emotion-reliant applications. We will cover technologies — emotion models, natural language processing, speech analytics, conversational AI, facial coding, machine learning, machine-generated emotion, and software/platform options — as well as data, visualization, bias, ethics, and market development. Our audience is researchers, data scientists, startups, developers, solution providers, and tech users. Note: Ticket holders will have access to session video recordings.

The Emotion AI Conference is a new technology focused event created by industry analyst and consultant Seth Grimes.

Learn how to detect, measure, and quantify emotion at scale — via machine learning, natural language processing, voice technologies, facial coding, behavioral analytics and more — for conversational interfaces, customer experience and consumer insights, healthcare, finance, and applications — and share your own experiences and challenges.

EAI takes place online on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, 9 am to 5 pm US-Eastern, designed for researchers, data scientists, developers, and practitioners, across industries and in academia and research. Follow the conference Twitter feed at @EmotionAI20, and please get in touch if your organization would like to discuss sponsoring EAI.


July 7


New York, NY, USA

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