Do you offer the courses in Emerging technologies?

We partner with the University of emerging technologies to offer industry relevant courses that can upskill you. Please visit for more information.

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You will get the latest knowledge bytes on Emerging Technologies: Visit our knowledge Center in the main menu to find amazing resources ( White Papers, Videos, Podcasts ). You can also find Industry and current day scenario relevant Blogs at Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to get simple titbits in the field.

Can I find opportunities relevant to emerging Technologies here ?

Yes, You will find all the relevant information on job opportunities on our careers page: You can find listings in your interested fields and apply to them within a couple of clicks

I am a student and want to associate with the Foundation, what are the ways?

As a student you can apply to our Content Research Fellowship program and be involved with our organisation as a volunteer. For more details please contact us.

How can a university partner with you ?

We facilitate the deployment of Micro-degrees in various emerging technologies without educational Institutes getting into the hassle of curating courses and getting educators on board. You can get in touch with us and we can help you set up the micro-degrees we have designed along with the University of Emerging Technologies to make them available to your students