Web Scraping Job Postings from Indeed

So you’re in the job market, and you want to work smarter rather than harder at finding new and interesting jobs for yourself? Why not build a web scraper to collect and parse out job posting information for you? Set it, forget it, and come back to your data riches in a nice tidy format! How, you ask? Let’s take a look together!
[A disclaimer before beginning, many websites can restrict or outright bar scraping of data from their pages. Users may be subject to legal ramifications depending on where and how they attempt to scrape information. Many sites have a devoted page to noting restrictions on data scraping at www.[site].com/robots.txt. Be extremely careful if looking at sites that house user data — places like facebook, linkedin, even craigslist, do not take kindly to data being scraped from their pages. Scrape carefully, friends]

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