Who We Are

The Emerging Tech Foundation is an Independent Not-for-profit organization. It is governed by an executive board and assisted by advisory boards consisting of recognized leaders in the field.The Foundation  encompasses “Emerging Technologies” like Data Engineering/Data Science AI/ML and Deep Learning, Cyber Security ,Blockchain and Cloud computing/Micro Computing . We work with all the stakeholders to help solve real-world problems using these technologies.

What we do

Emerging technologies

Data Engineering, Data Science (AI, Deep Learning, and other analytical tools), Data Security, Block chain, Cloud computing, Micro Computing, etc.,

Our E⁵ Value System

Evangelize, Educate, Empower, Enlighten, and Engage about “emerging technologies”.

Advisory Boards

Consist of recognized leaders from the Industry and Academia for each of the disciplines.

Regional Franchise

Regional Chapters to host local events and evangelize the mission.

Role-based certification

Fiduciary role to certify the “Applied Technologists” independently.

Our Mission

The Emerging Tech Foundation has embarked on a mission to create “Applied Technologists” to address the current demand and thus helping regional economies & societies. We want to play the fiduciary role to certify the resources independently.

Our Vision

The Emerging Tech Foundation envisions a world with opportunities for all the Emerging technologists where they can build their career and transform their life.

Our Key To Success

The Emerging Tech Foundation focuses on Role-based education to cater to the demand of professionals in all fields of Emerging Technologies. In essence, The Emerging Tech Foundation is addressing the social and economic issues arising from the “employability” problem for the new resources entering the job market.


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