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3D printing and Its Application

Scientists and engineers continually enthrall humanity with technologies changing what was once or recently considered science fiction into reality daily; thus, it’s making life stimulating and easier. Part of the emerging technologies that are helping to shape the world better is 3D printing. 3D machines technology made possible some prototypes used at home, and it has a broader application in science and industry. Meanwhile, 3D is also known as an additive manufacturing process or rapid prototyping, is one of the recent developments in manufacturing technology.

3D printing is a process by which 3D solid objects of any shape or geometry can be made from a digital file and its creation were achieved through the laying down of successive layers of specific material until the entire object is created. It is said to be one of the most significant industrial developments of this decade due to its wide range of applications and also lasting implications on different companies such as research, business development, and design, production and manufacturing, etc. Most of the developed countries are using 3D printing in their manufacturing countries which have helped them to increase the production speed and reduced costs and also decreased the need for global transportation since manufacturing sites are well located to the end destination, and all distribution could be done with fleet tracking technology that saves time and energy. In the building area, 3D can be a substitute for the prevalent method used for building because it’s quick and efficient in permit the creation of a variety of buildings, unlike the prevalent building method, which is time-consuming, menacing, and extravagant. Also, engineers could use this technology to build stiffer and safer geometries for houses.


3D printing has been employed by high technology firms like automobile and aerospace manufacturers as a prototyping tool. For the past decades, it takes several months for designers to acquire a bodily prototype. Still, recently based on 3D printing, it takes a few hours to have a prototype for verification.

3D printing has also been applied in food to groom and present it for consumption. Mass customization of products is not excluded when it comes to 3D printing can produce several products simultaneously according to the precision of the end-users.

3D has a wide range of applications in different fields and sectors. It is applied in aerospace, consumer commodities, automotive design, industrial designs, biomedical engineering, and dentistry, among several others. This technology is expected to keep growing, and it’s an essential and valuable element for others to tap into, most especially the developing countries.