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Web Development Project Ideas

As web development keeps moving in the digital industry, the demand for Web Developers keeps cutting edge around the globe.

Web development involves developing a one-page static plain text to a complex web functionality website for the internet (World Wide Web) that cut across social network services and electronic businesses. A wide comprehensive approach tasks to which Web development refers includes Web design, server-side/client-side scripting, e-commerce development, server-side and network security configuration and web engineering.

For businesses and organisations, web development can team up and follow a standard method of operating in a professional way using Agile methodologies at the same time developing websites. A single organisation may consist of a contracting developer or single permanent, or secondary related job positions such as information systems technicians or graphic designer. Web development consists of three main specialisations: Front-end, back-end and full-stack developer. Front-end developer is specialized mainly in visuality and behaviour patterns that run in the user browser, back-end developers are responsible for the server-side functionality, while the full-stack developers are skilled in the server, network, data modelling and many more.

Leading Web Development Project Ideas

1. Landing page

Developing products require a product landing page as technology is driving forward, most especially in the 21st century. To come up with a unique landing page, a knowledge-based of HTML and CSS is required. In such a project, columns and align creation is expected to complete with a sound knowledge of HTML and CSS. This task is achieved by basic editing tasks with some basic editing tools like Sublime Text Editor, Visual Studio Code Editor, Atom etc to perform cropping and resizing images, editing of text and colour psychology, using templates to make more appealing layout, and so on.

2. One-page layout

This project aims to create a one-page responsive layout using a pixel-perfect design. The one-page layout is a web development beginner level project that allows newbies to practice their newly acquired skill. Web Developer can use a ready-made template that comes with a loaded host layout to build this project. This also pushes a web developer to experiment with web technologies like Flexbox and Floats to hone the implementation of CSS layout.

3. Online classroom

As technology keeps improving, the education sector has the privilege to schedule classes online. Especially during the high spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, online classroom/teaching started as a result of lockdown, and experience highly fast growth. In this case, web developer work alongside programmers to come up with interactive and functioning web pages, applications and databases that beat suit the lecturer-student needs. As technology keeps improving, the creation of 4G and 5G network are making online classroom very interactive and downloading of course materials of higher space can be gotten within seconds.

4. Login authentication

Login authentication is specialised for skyrocketing a web developer JavaScript skills, most especially it’s a beginner-level project, in which a website’s login authentication bar is designed that allows a user to enter their basic information like username/ID, a password which enables account creation and login into a site. Almost all website comes with a login authentication feature. Learning this skill will come in handy in future web applications and projects.

5. JavaScript quiz game

This project depends on JavaScript ability and skills to handle complex logic – making the game as complicated or simple as the choice maybe. Aside from learning complex logic to come up with a JavaScript quiz game, DOM and data management skills are also required. Applying JavaScript knowledge in a real-world scenario is always challenging while gaining knowledge isn’t tricky. JavaScript game can take single or multiple answers and at the same time show the correct answer to users.

6. Giphy with a unique API

This is a web development project that involves developing a web application that makes use of Giphy API and searches inputs to present GIFs on the web page. Giphy API is an absolute beginner-level that don’t require configuration while requesting data.

7. SEO-friendly website

Search Engine Optimisation in today’s market is an integral part of website building. In this project, a web developer takes up the role of a digital marketer after gaining in-depth knowledge on SEO or work hand-in-hand with a digital marketer by creating the web functionality, while the SEO expert ensures that the website has enough visibility to drive from both organic in SERPs (search engine result pages) and paid adverts. However, when a web developer is well-versed in SEO, a project with a user-friendly URL, responsive design and features integrated can be built on such knowledge, that allow a website/site to load more quickly on both mobile devices and desktop, thereby providing a strengthening brand social media presence.

8. Social share buttons

Another web development project is social share buttons, which allows users to share contents across social media platforms. Most WordPress projects are built on this, but for one-page or static sites that are not based on WordPress, the addition of social media buttons is a challenge because web developer takes up writing JavaScript codes that allow the addition of social media share buttons. While it’s very possible in a ready-made template.

9. Survey form

Using HTML or HTML5, you can develop a questionnaire or survey form. In today’s market, most organisations use survey form to gather relevant data about the target audience and provide an adequate solution using the information gathered. This project requires a web designer/developer to develop a full-fledged survey form that contains basic and relevant questions like name, age, address, email, contact phone number, suggestions and others depending on the type of project the organisation is working on. After developing this project, as a web developer, one needs to put it to test using the webpage structuring skills to ensure responsiveness and proper function.

10. Affiliate platforms

This is a working way to generate passive income for businesses in the 21st century. In this project, a business webpage is created as a web developer and display all kinds of second-side services, brands, feedbacks, products, likening to specific pages. These second-side services help to boost the website by setting up SEO to rank on Google search. However, when visitors are directed to this other platform, as a developer or site owner, you’ll get a percentage from each purchase.