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Global Economic Trends in Emerging Technology

Private and public organizations are reviewing and recreating their various technological concepts to bring about a lot of certainties in what the future will hold for the world that will have robotics, AI and automation at the center of the its daily events. Closely analyzed surveys have generated indices that are assisting investors to monitor the growth of these emerging techs including computer vision, natural language, 5G, deep learning and many more.

Ongoing researches across the globe leading to technological discoveries are forcing developmental disruptions in healthcare at an extraordinary rate thereby providing a quantum amount of convincing opportunities. However, various technology and innovation platforms are seeking to simplify this enormous landscape for investors.

In the eyes of investors, AI is still coming up, yet to have a pronounced presence in the world’s stage. Based on previous trends, the stock market seems to have limited interest in the amount of opportunity presented by leading providers of modern techs at invention stage. Looking at how the AI firms are carving a tech niche for themselves, it is becoming evident that their growth rate will be sporadic in all spheres within their space. And so it is very pertinent to create platforms that investors can latch on to help them achieve profit in these growing industries harnessing AI in cloud security, ecommerce, financial services and business process. The various spheres in emerging techs are further discussed as follows;


This is mostly regarded as the first phase to automation. A system that converts analog signals in the physical systems to data in digital system. Till date, computer vision is the most exciting tech providing an ability to see. It provides computers, robot and machines the sense of sight and the ability to analyze and decode the content of digital images.

Computing & AI

The usage of algorithms is critical for performing the advanced functions as required by deep learning models that depend on high quality data to improve performance. Deep learning a sub-division of machine learning seeks to utilize algorithms that mimics the deep neural network of human brain. And on the other hand, utilizing reinforcement learning will offer goal-oriented algorithms that are important to enabling autonomous robots and improving personalization.


The most important advancement in at the top hierarchy in industrial robotics is the evolution of collaborative robots which is simply known as cobots. These are part of the new innovations adapted in the industry will seek to widen the manufacturing space with application. Although cobots are quite slower than the already existing factory robots due to the fact that they are embedded with the intelligence and sensing required to perform side by side with humans.

Logistics Automation

From an investors perspective, logistics seems to remain the only application in automation and robotics in recent times. This is true most especially for the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) that is now an interesting catch for big players in emerging techs like Amazon and Teradyne.


Genome is the constituents of a person’s gene containing over three billion letters. Genome sequencing is the process in which a high-powered machine analyzes a sample of a person’s blood or saliva to determine the structure of the letter. The sequence avails an assistance for scientists to find and understand specific genes also it can be used to screen for various things like inherited conditions or mutated genes that cause cancer. About twenty years ago it cost $3 billion for the sequence but as of today with tech advancement it costs $1000 and further advancements will reduce it $100 in some years to come.

Healthcare Robotics

There are enormous advantages robotic-assisted surgery offers over the usual typical laparoscopic method to both doctors and patients. These benefits are; it helps for better ergonomics and maneuverability, it enhances doctor’s precision, while patients benefit from tiny incisions, reduced blood loss and faster recovery.

Network & Security

Machine learning and deep learning models will be combined to analyze extremely large quantities of data to enable them provide proactive alerts and rapid response times that will help the under-resourced security operations at enterprises around the world.

Business Process

Utilizing AI to develop new, interactive and immersive client experiences and disruptively inventing new business models for firms or organizations will help them to create a competitive edge. Meanwhile, at the top of business process technology is cognitive computing which is built of new technologies as well as existing software to handle previously manual task.

In conclusion, emerging techs are no more theoretical ideas capable of creating the potential for change. They are the change that is already place and everywhere. And this offers investors the opportunity to invest in history in the making.