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Technology evolution every part of our life and livelihood expects it. Evolving technology in robotics affects our life as well; we reached a time where robot mechanics is well understood and handled. New evolution has enabled safe, flexible, and collaborative robots that work with people rather than replacing people or are focused on integrating robots to supplement and help operators improve efficiency in new areas of robotics deployments. And supplement robotics solution is flexible and easy to implement.

The robotics revolution’s real motive does not to have robots for our day-to-day chores but to use them as a business service. Another acronym to represent the expanding world of as a service is added to today’s business vocabulary.

The world has been introduced to several different functions as a service, including software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas), among others. But there is another service category that is the town talk nowadays is robotics-as-a-service (RaaS).

What is Robotics as a service:

All of us are pretty familiar with the concept of software as a service(SaaS) or big data as a service(BDaaS). They are pay and subscriber-based service models. Similarly, those who sign up for robots as a service get the lease on robotic devices and can access cloud-based subscription service instead of purchasing equipment right away. In this way, they get the benefit of robotic process automation. Other services such as paying off an expensive piece of equipment with its maintenance headache are avoided in RAAS.

These service models deployed multi-use programmable robots that can perform multiple tasks and assist employees by performing ever repetitive maintained and dangerous activities where risk is involved.


How do they train robots:

Starting with initial AI training, the program teaches robots to interact with objects and the environment. Train AI quickly by teaching how to recognize objects and situations easily. Create your robot as a service with a set of actions that uses a new learning method. Let the robot perform the new service even remotely using standard API protocol. The system continuously monitors operating conditions and efficiency.


RAAS for a variety of uses :

Cobalt robotics which provides RAAS-based services offers robots to patrol buildings instead of a human security guard, 65 percent cheaper, says the company.

InVia robotics has an area of expertise in warehouse picker robots. They offer a subscription-based model. It claims there is a huge rise in order fulfillment as compared to the initial traditional method.

On the other hand, industrial robotic firm Kuka has thought one step ahead is launching a SmartFactory as a Service initiative. They are planning to rent out an entire robot-staffed automated plant.